"Blood Microscope" Uncovers The Real Root Cause Of Nail And Skin Fungus Infection...

And How To Truly Cure It In Just A Few Days From Now

Hey, this is Dr. Grant Anderson.

And in the next 3 minutes, you'll find out why it is medically impossible to completely cure nail or skin fungus with antifungals, or creams.

As the latest scientific research undoubtedly proves it...

You'll see the latest research proving your nail or skin fungal infection has NOTHING to do with the fungal spores, which many folks wrongly believe is to be the root cause.

But is caused by something that's breeding in your blood...

and if you don't do something about it soon, it might be too late.

So stay with me to find out...

How the REAL root cause of your nail or skin fungus, was finally exposed by using this special blood investigation device called "a dark field microscope".

And why it's so crucial for you to know about it...

Your nail or skin fungus in fact, has everything to do with something which is breeding in your blood...and if you don't do anything about it...it may be too late.

I had patients whose nail fungus eventually led to blood poisoning and liver failure. Simply because they weren't aware of this lifesaving information you are about to hear.

That is why you should NEVER, EVER ignore a nail or skin fungal infection... Make no mistake: it's a symptom for something much worse.

What's more, and I'm also going to share with you the tragic story from someone very dear to me... who suffered from toe fungus...and needed a liver transplant after taking antifungals from Big Pharma.

But I'm not just going to share with you only the latest research and personal stories...I'm also going to give you the SOLUTION...

The breakthrough antifungal protocol I'm about to reveal was developed by a famous Chinese doctor...

And as incredible as it may sound...

It cures ANY fungal infection within 12 hours... from nails, to skin... to internal infections... even if you had the fungus for over 20 years.

This has already been medically proven to work in 99,7% of cases, leaving doctors in awe...

Being used successfully by 41,492 folks and counting...

And it doesn't involve taking ANY nauseating drugs, expensive laser treatments or painful surgery...

Which is why the $13 billion antifungal industry is fighting tooth and nail to be hidden from you...

and they'll be outraged if this simple solution leaks out.

So, even if you have visited conventional doctors and naturopathic doctors, took strong antifungals, tried numerous home remedies and are disappointed with the results just like so many other people...

Stay with me until the end of this presentation, because it is going to change your life forever.

Jimmy Curly from Ohio says:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

My whole hand was covered with fungus for 10 years before I cured it in 4 days with your protocol.For in the last 3 years, 2 of my fingernails became fungus fingernails 100% from the root.I went 2 times per year to doctors to ask for help and I did whatever they told me to do but nothing worked. Moreover they said that all the fingernails on that hand would eventually become fungus nails.I've always thought that, if there was a cure, my "honest" doctors would tell me about it in a split second.I was blind... But now I know...I followed your advice and did everything you said... It killed all the fungus in my nail and on the 4th day I could see the "half moon" again! My new nail grew out 100% normal.Even though I stopped doing the treatment, and the fungus never returned. ALL gone for over 3 months now!I tried to tell the my doctors about this cure and they did not have even a second to hear my story. They really are not interested in a cure. They only want to treat things, they make a lot more money that way. If they cure you, they lose a lot of money. For 10 years I paid them a lot of money big bucks to look at my hand. Total waste ... The #1 biggest mistake is thinking your doctor wants to help.That was the last time I asked them for anything.

Jimmy Curly

Kate Hudgens from Austin, Texas says:

For years I had suffered with very dry skin around my toes and heels, really itchy in the summer, keeping me awake at night. I also had a nail fungus on roughly 8 of my toes. A few months ago, I decided that I had enough and that I really needed to sort myself out. I tried loads of treatments, from soaking my feet daily in Oilatum and Vicks to laser treatment, but nothing was really effective.It wasn't until I saw your presentation, that everything changed for me. The results are amazing and extremely quick, the worst two nails are ready to grow again, other nails that had a slight white look, to them are going back to a pinky colour.

Kate Hudgens

Dr Rob Klein, M.D. FACS says:

I first heard about this program through a patient of mine, who was a type II diabetes patient and had been suffering from nail fungus. This is a common condition for diabetics.As a medical professional, I was extremely weary of alternative cures, especially those with big promises. But to my surprise, this patient of mine managed to recover from nail fungus in just under a week.I looked through the protocol, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the scientific research behind it the protocol, as well as the case studies. I'll be referring other patients of mine who are suffering from fungal infections to this program.

Dr Rob Klein

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Like I said, I'm Dr Grant Anderson.

I run a holistic clinic just outside San Diego, specializing in treating fungal and bacterial infections. I'm also an independent researcher in alternative medicine and a frequent contributor to some of the nation's leading alternative health sites.

For the last thirty years, I have spent every single moment of my professional career researching this one single disease: fungal infection.

You see... for me, it was personal.

In 1992, when I was 24 years old and enrolled in a top medical school, I watched my father develop severe foot fungus on both feet.

It started as an innocent yellow nail. Soon after, all the nails started changing color and became brittle. And then the fungus began spreading. Eventually it was so bad that he even found it difficult to walk. It broke my heart to see him unable to even enjoy a simple stroll in the park with my mom and he did miss it dearly.

Soon, the nail fungus became so unbearable that he developed sleeping disorders. He was tossing and turning all night, unable to sleep for 10 minutes straight.

He tried all the popular remedies... But all his efforts were in vain.

In the end, his nails were completely gone... the fungus had won.

But what's worse, is that he also started developing other seemingly 'unrelated' conditions:

jock itch

Jock itch







And not only was he losing his hair but the rest of it was full of dandruff.

At that time, his doctors never imagined that everything was connected. They simply prescribed him Lamsil as an oral medication to treat the toe fungus, along with other medications like antibiotics to treat psoriasis (HUGE mistake!).

For a while it seemed like the drugs were helping with reversing the disease... until the side effects kicked in. He started getting fever and sudden chills throughout the day. He had problems eating, because sores were invading his throat.

I recall that, at one point, he also lost 8 pounds in a week. He looked like a shadow of what used to be my dad. The light in his eyes faded away, and he was constantly complaining of feeling exhausted.

Then one day, he suddenly felt a sharp stomach pain, and went to the toilet. To his horror, the urine came out dark.

After a visit to the doctor, he was informed that he had jaundice... as well as liver failure. He needed a liver transplant soon, or his life would be in danger.

Apparently, the pharma cocktail his doctor prescribed was destroying his liver faster than 1L of vodka/day.

Looking at him lying on the hospital bed, with the blood gone from his face and an IV needle stuck in each hand...

...It made me furious to think that all had happened because of some nail fungus.

But the worst was yet to come...

Because of his age, my dad was considered a "low priority", and there was a huge line of younger people in front of him who needed a liver...

So, while hopelessly waiting, dad's liver problem - kept worsening... he began to retain fluid under his skin... He experienced several dementia-like episodes as well.

Eventually, the doctors gave up on him and shipped him to a county hospital to die. There he was given Last Rites, and in a few weeks...he passed on.

You may think this is extreme... and it was. But I'm going to prove to you in a few minutes that many other people are experiencing the same thing as well.

When he died, I felt a turmoil of emotions....

I was grieving with a heavy heart... but I also felt something else.

I felt MAD.

Mad at the irresponsible doctor for prescribing such a drug to my father.

Mad at how my dad was not given a second chance at life because of his age.

And mad at myself that I was unable to do anything to help him... even though I was a medical student.

My entire life became an obsession over finding a cure to this deadly fungal infection.

I was a bright medical student at that time, always being in the top 10% of the class...

And on the weekends... I spent every waking hour researching the causes... and the potential cures...

Of this devastating disease that affects more than 30 million Americans...

But the more research I did, the more frustrated I got.

You see: What I kept noticing was that all of the university money out there, along with all the academic studies, and even all the papers that were being published...

Absolutely everything was related to the Big Pharmaceutical corporations and promoting their latest drugs.

All these Drugs - as I know from my dad - contain side effects proven to poison and kill you in the long run.

Drugs that even the FDA issued warnings on:

Allow me to quote from that notice:

"The purpose of today's FDA Public Health Advisory is to alert healthcare professionals to serious risks associated with the use of Sporanox and Lamisil [...]Both Sporanox and Lamisil have been associated with serious liver problems resulting in liver problems and death[...]"

Here are more stories from sites like askapatient.com:

Let me read it out for you. These are true stories from patients, folks just like you - who are suffering from nail and skin fungus:

"Extremely high morning blood pressure [...] the kind that causes strokes/heart attacks in bed.

Insomnia, nausea, headaches, joint pain, no period at all this month, really dark urine, which could mean liver problems

Head chills, leg tingling, rash on leg and arm, elevated blood pressure

Developed Parkinson's disease, neurological problems"

It made my blood boil!

And it made me sick to think that the doctors I admired were partly responsible for their disgusting business practices...

But it was true then, and it is true now: Big Pharma controls EVERYTHING that is being researched!

The major pharmaceutical companies are actually the top contributors to academic fungal research... and because they have the cash... they're the ones making the rules!

Which means making sure that us little "worker ants", with our medical degrees and the trust that patients have in us...

Are spending every single moment of our lives helping these fat cat corporations make massive profits... instead of helping everyday people like you and me get genuinely better.

"There - has to be a better way!"

I kept thinking while researching for hundreds and thousands of hours, and -analyzing the topic...

Then, the answer came to me with a simple question.

"Why do majority of the people who suffer from fungal infections are older folks?"

I mean, the statistic is stunning: Over thirty million Americans suffer from toe and nail fungal infection.

One supposedly can get it by simply walking barefoot at the pool, the beach, public showers or locker rooms.

You can get it anytime you get in contact with someone who has it. Not only that nail fungus can sometimes live on objects for up to 12 months.

And even though 1 in 10 Americans suffer from this disease... Over 65% of folks over 45 are sure to fall victim.

Why is that?

Shouldn't anyone who got in contact with the spores get infected? I mean, fungal spores are literally everywhere...

Well... the fact is any nail fungal infection has very little to do with fungal spores, or surface infection... and everything to do with your immunity and allowing pathogens to breed in your blood.

Let me show you:

This is how normal blood looks like under a microscope:

This is how the blood of someone with a nail fungal infection looks like under a microscope:

Normal blood

Fungal infection

A healthy body generally can't catch nail or skin fungus... but, if your body is acting like a 'pathogen breeding ground' with a weak immune system... you will get it.

That's also the reason why it is extremely difficult to cure nail or skin fungus...and many folks have been living with this condition not just for years, but for DECADES.

If you think this is amazing, what you are about to hear may make you cry with joy... because it is the magic key to curing fungus infections for more than 41,000 people.

Listen, while doing my research, I started reaching out to other doctors (including naturopathic doctors) and other medical researchers on this subject.

One of the research associates from Harvard Medical School referred me to this 83-year-old Chinese doctor, who used to teach as a professor in a medical school in California. Now, he is living in China, working as a doctor. His name is Dr. Jiang Xi Liu.

Now you probably never heard of Dr. Jiang, but he's kind of a celebrity doctor in China. When the sick are backed to a corner and conventional medicine can offer no more hope, they go to Dr. Jiang for help.

I got in touch with Dr. Jiang, and flew over to his place in Nanjing, China to meet him.

Dr. Jiang was supposedly 83 years old, yet he looked like he was barely over 60... and full of energy.

We started talking, and I soon became deeply interested in his story.

Dr. Jiang used to be a professor in a medical school, but he always believed that while conventional medicine has its purpose, alternative medicine (including his specialty, Chinese medicine) also has its uses as well. He believes in marrying these two fields together, to help the patient really get better...but this 'unique' view caused many other conventional doctors to shun him.

He left the medical school, and moved back to his hometown in Nanjing, China to start his own practice. He started building a reputation by identifying the causes and prevention of almost every disease. He was frequently published in Chinese medical journals, and invited to speak at the top Chinese medical universities such as Peking Union Medical College and Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine.

After sharing what I had discovered about nail and skin fungus being a symptom of a systemic infection...

Dr. Jiang nodded.

"Most doctors just treat the superficial symptoms, and think it's the root cause. But in reality, it all starts from the inside".

Then Dr. Jiang - raised another question that made me stop and think: "If fungus spores are everywhere, and it is so infectious, then why would people have just one nail or a few nails affected, and not all of them on the same hand?"

Here's the explanation:

As you already know, fungus growth is actually a symptom, not the root cause.

And any waste products outside in nature attract bacteria and fungi...

Body waste deposits do the same in the toes, or hands. This is a well-documented fact in Chinese medicine.

For example, if the large toes have fungus, this relates to liver and spleen congestion.

The second and third toes relate to the stomach and pancreas, the fourth one to the gallbladder, and the small toe to the urinary bladder.

To clear a fungus, you have to clear out the waste from the main organs and systems, so that there is no extra fungal, or bacterial activity.

This goes for any other parts of the body.

Applying topical remedies on your toenail or skin fungus will do absolutely nothing for it.

All fungi/parasites MUST be destroyed INTERNALLY first, then on the outside... for the symptoms - not to return.

Next, Dr. Jiang - explained how to cure fungal infection, no matter which part of the body is infected.

Pay careful attention now, because he usually doesn't reveal this process to anyone, unless you are one of his patients:

Step 1: Doctor Jiang eliminates the internal fungal activity using natural antifungals...these remedies do their job without any side effects, unlike Lamisil.

Don't worry, they are not some obscure herb, or some odd medicine that you need to get from a specialized Chinese medicine store.

One of the antifungals can be found over the counter, at your local drug store. It's called 'activated charcoal'.

Activated charcoal acts like a 'net' that binds to fats and other things in your gut, and excrete them in your stool.

And one of the things they bind to is fungal cell wall components, as well as toxins... which are very good at re-entering the colon.

Now, these fungal cells can circulate almost indefinitely, and you can never really get rid of them.

So helping excrete them will significantly help with your nail or skin fungus... and that's an important clue, because it tells you the fungal infection isn't caused by a skin infection, but by an internal systemic infection that's producing circulating toxins.

Dr. Jiang's unique combination of antifungals is proven to eliminate more than 60% of toxins on the first try. You'll find out all about it later in this video. But for now, let's continue with...

Step 2: Heal the damaged organ with the essential nutrients, and supercharge your immune system.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the body is always trying to heal itself. In medical terms, it's in a state of ceaseless regeneration.

Cells are always dying, but they are also constantly regenerating. Without this, the miracle of the human body would not exist.

However, the body of some folks cannot do the healing job because of these toxins and infections.

In scientific terms, regenerative processes are overcome by degenerative ones.

Only specialized nutrition can nudge the body back into balance with vitamin, minerals, specific micronutrients... and allow the body's natural healing process to kick in.

For example, if your liver is diseased... Dr. Jiang will prescribe you a special combination of food and herbs. This mix of ingredients has been found, both in research, as well as in his practice, to stimulate the regeneration of liver mass and function.

For example, licorice... or specifically the compound Glycyrrhizin that is found within it, is used to treat inflammation mainly in the liver... has antiviral as well as antitumor effects, and improves liver function.

Another ingredient in the protocol for liver cleansing and healing is Carvacrol... the active ingredient in Oregano.

Not only is it antifungal and antibacterial... in the medical journal Phytomedicine, there was a study on the possible effects of carvacrol obtained from oregano oil on liver regeneration after liver surgery or hepactectomy.

The researcher found that the liver regeneration increased significantly for the subjects given oregano oil compared to the ones in the control group.

Dr. Jiang will later tell you what specifically to look out for when searching for Carvacrol (never get the capsules!).

He will also tell you exactly what to get, and where to find the purest source of these nutrients.

Moving on...

Step 3: Apply natural topical solutions to heal the wounds faster.

This is the last step if you want to heal your nail fungus fast.

Dr. Jiang recommends an incredibly effective 'footbath' for brittle nails, comprising of apple cider vinegar, beer, olive oil, and 4 other powerful ingredients.

Beer is a great source of nail friendly minerals like potassium, phosphorus and selenium, along with biotin, all essential for perfectly healthy nails.

And apple cider vinegar is loaded with iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium... all crucial for re-growing stronger and thicker nails in no time.

Olive oil helps in moisturizing the dry and chipped nails cuticles from within.

Now that you know all of these...

You're probably asking two questions:

Where can I find the best sources for each of these nutrients?


What, and in how much quantity should I take these nutrients, or apply them on my skin? And when?

Well, to answer question 1 is not difficult. In the next few minutes, you'll find out how to get your hands on the best sources of these nutrients.

But for question number 2... a 'one size fits all' answer doesn't exist.

Usually Dr. Jiang gives each patient a personalized prescription after you visit him in his clinic in Nanjing, China. He says he needs a thorough examination before telling you exactly what to take.

But I persuaded Dr. Jiang to do the impossible.

And, frankly, I was a bit embarrassed for insisting so much...

First, I asked him to create a step-by-step program that allows even ordinary folks like you and me to examine ourselves, and create the personalized protocol we need to cure the infection.

He said a firm "NO".

Diagnosing and prescribing is not meant for anyone, aside from trained doctors and medical professionals.

But after I told him the story of my father... argued with him that doctors are humans too... and anyone given the right information can become their own 'doctor'... he started thinking.

After I told him that this could help thousands of folks who will probably never get a chance to hear about him, or afford to come to his clinic to get rid this terrible disease... he relented and finally said. "YES".

So we got down to work...and after 3 months and hundreds of lab tests, the protocol was finally born. We called him:

'Fungus Destroyer Protocol: The Only Scientifically Proven Way To Destroy Any Fungal infection'

More than 41,000 folks of all ages, suffering from nail fungus, skin fungus, rosacea, psoriasis, athlete's foot, or eczema just to name a few...

With conditions ranging from mild to extremely severe...

People who have found this hidden site by way of a well-meaning friend...

Or the recommendation of a family physician who was willing to take a stand and reject Big Pharma's blood money...

Have completely cured their fungal infection... sometimes in 12 hours or less, depending on the condition.

The product is a digital eBook, image is for visualization only.

Troy Hurley From San Jose, California writes:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Oh, my Gosh, am I glad I fell into this site by accident! You all have made me the happiest person today. My second and piggy toe have had terrible thick toenails that are and they've been almost impossible to clip for as long as I can remember, on both feet, and And I am 49 by the way...I hated these ugly toes, and I am so happy to find I can get rid of them so easy, I was not into the medications the docs always wanted to hand out, figured there had to be something natural I could use, and you all have just given me the answer, thank you all soooooooo much!!!!!!

Troy Hurley

Sarah Davis from Davenport, Iowa writes:

My mother lives with me right now, and has pretty bad toe fungus on all toes, both feet.I ordered this program for her in hopes to help relieve her discomfort and embarrassment. The first day she used it, she said the nails "feel" better. The nails themselves seem to be looking much better as well. In a few days her fungal cleared up. She took it with her to her doctor’s appointment and was even reassured by him that this stuff should work very well. It has definitely boosted her confidence and she has been sandal shopping this week, which she hasn't done in 5 years! That in itself is amazing!

Sarah Davis

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

The Fungus Destroyer Protocol is only available from this website that you are on right now, and only for as long as it can remain up without Big Pharma shutting us down.

Here's what is included in the Fungus Destroyer Protocol:

Fungus Infection Diagnostic Tool

In this module, you will discover the real reason why you are suffering from fungal infection... because you'll find out which of your organs are problematic and breeding fungi.

It covers everything from finger nail or toe nail infection, to skin infection.

You will also find out the ingredients as well as the dosage to take for your condition... based on how severe your fungal infection is...

And you can find out about that by using an easy 'diagnostic tool' that Dr. Jiang and I designed... so that anyone can use it and be their own doctor. It is literally like Dr. Jiang and I are beside you, and telling you exactly what's going on in your body, and what to do next.

Best Source Of Nutrients For Healing

In this module, you'll find out where to get all the ingredients used in the Fungus Destroyer Protocol... and most importantly, what the most potent and bioavailable sources are.

Dr. Jiang told me most of the supplements out there are garbage, or 'sugar pills'. Latest investigation by the FDA uncovered that the majority of herbal supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Target don't contain what they claim - instead are filled with cheap wheat and soy powder.

Even if they are not just filled with wheat and soy, if you take an ineffective form of the nutrient, you ruin the protocol and all the results achieved so far. Simply because your body won't be able to absorb the nutrients. The fungus will not be completely destroyed due to the insufficient dose, and will come back.

That's why when a patient comes to his clinic, Dr. Jiang has all the ingredients, in their most potent form, in stock...and is adamant that the patients take his recommendations. It's not that hard to find them, in fact you can get most of them from the local store, you just need to know what to look out for. And that's the first thing we're going to focus on in this module.

The Protocol

Here you'll be given the complete protocol to become fungus-free.

It's a specific day-by-day guide. This is hugely important, because not only dosage is important... but consuming the right nutrients at the right time is the only way to getting the right combinations to your organs when it matters the most.

This program will supercharge your immune system, heal your damaged organs, and regenerate your toes and skin.

The Fungus Destroyer Protocol is about getting your life back...

It is completely natural and side effect free... and it's your first and only real chance at destroying your fungal infection... while regaining the freedom and the peace of mind that you've been denied for months, years or even decades of your life. Knowing that you are finally going to escape from the vicious cycle of infection: You get infected, use a costly treatment with destructive side-effects, only to get infected again in just a few months after stopping the treatment.

Just imagine knowing the fungal infection has finally left your body ...

No more feeling embarrassed, no more itching, no more foot odor, or sweaty feet...

And all it takes is 10 minutes a day.

Of course, you can try oral medications... but besides the sick stomach... low energy... liver damage, or even heart failure - which require you to take even more medications with more side effects-they can also cost up to $1,800 a year.

Or you can continue to apply topical creams, or using superficial treatments like laser therapy which costs about $500 on average... but they don't address the source of fungal infection at the root, and the second you stop using them... the fungal infection will most likely come back unless you continue spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for 'up-keeping'... since the real cause is not solved.

Furthermore, you'll be leaving an infected organ untreated... that can lead to even more serious complications down the road.

None of these options are real options, and you already know it.

Dr. Jiang originally wanted to set the investment to get Fungus Destroyer Protocol at $399.

That's far less than the cost of the initial consultation with Dr. Jiang...

And far less than you have to spend to see a specialist in your area, including the drugs he is going to prescribe to you.

Plus, the $399 is a truly efficient cure... not some little band-aid that has to be ripped off, and reapplied every single day...hoping that it'll work again.

And given all of this, $399 should seem like a STEAL to you.

But like I mentioned already, the Fungus Destroyer Protocol is not about us making a profit.

Sure, it'll be nice to get paid for our work and efforts... but if we wanted money, we could go take a job with Big Pharma right now and make a lot of money big bucks as a doctors or as clinical researchers.

But we don't want their blood money...We want to help you get truly better.

That's what this is about, and started me on my journey to find this cure.

I wish this had existed when my father was still alive... maybe if it had... it would have saved him the pain and suffering that followed the rest of his life.

And after receiving emails from people who can't afford it, we thought that everyone should have the right to try Fungus Destroyer Protocol. Which is why there is no chance I could consider charging you $399 for this... or $299.

Because you are reading this presentation, you will benefit from a discount from our awareness campaign...

If you act today through this website... and make the life changing decision in investing in the program...

Dr. Jiang and I have agreed to hand over the entire program to you, the complete protocol that allows you to finally banish fungal infections...

For only $199.

But wait!

I know some folks may still not be able to invest this amount... and I will be doing you a disservice if you didn't try the program and see how well it actually works. So I'm going to sweeten the deal even more.

What I'm going to offer you next will blow the socks off (literally!) your poor suffering feet! Consider it an early rare Christmas gift for you and your precious health.

So, if you act RIGHT AWAY, and complete your order in the next 5 minutes...

I'm going to give you for a unique one time offer of $79... The FUNGUS DESTROYER ULTRA PACKAGE - the all-in-one kit for curing Fungus!

The amazing Fungus Destroyer Ultra Package consists of a host of extremely useful bonuses and benefits, such as:

Ultra Package

Short & Easy Fungus Removal VIDEO Tutorials

This is a digital product, image is for visualization only.

A whole brand new series of easy, self-explanatory, true & tested fungus removal VIDEOS carefully made especially for you!

It's like me and Dr. Jiang are in the same room with you, showing you exactly what ingredients you need, the exact quantities that you'll have to use and how you must prepare your own nail fungus cure.

Trust me - these "over the shoulder", step-by-step video tutorials are the next best thing to going to China and meeting Dr. Jiang himself! And with your expensive time and busy program, as well as his, saving you a trip of over 7,000 miles just by watching these special video tutorials is a life-saver for anybody who truly wants to cure their painful nail fungus once and for all!

$120 now included FREE

Ultra Package

The Fungus Destroyer Audiobook

This is a digital product, image is for visualization only.

Plug your headphones, close your eyes and unwind in that comfy reclining chair or even listen to it on the go as you do your daily activities - the Audio Book is the perfect companion which will clearly explain everything you need to know about how to finally cure all your fungus problems!

If you don't want to waste precious time reading and enjoy listening better, this is the perfect solution for anybody, anytime, anywhere!

$19 now included FREE

Ultra Package

E-mail coaching

This is a digital product, image is for visualization only.

Once you'll get the FUNGUS DESTROYER ULTRA PACKAGE, things are only going to get better and better! I want to personally make sure you are never alone as I am truly committed to be by your side with every step that you'll take!

With my exclusive e-mail coaching service, all your eventual questions will be answered beforehand and you will be able to correctly prepare and use your nail fungus treatment.

Moreover, I will also send you important updates about my latest research and how you can effectively treat other dreadful diseases, such as type II Diabetes.

$59 now included FREE

Ultra Package

VIP "Bedside" Customer Service Status

This is a digital product, image is for visualization only.

You'll be upgraded to our VIP "bedside" customer service status, so you can get ALL your questions answered by my own team of experts...

And please note: background checks are performed on the entire team. They have all signed confidentiality agreements to ensure your privacy is of upmost importance.

VIP concierge customer service means that my expert medical team will answer any questions IMMEDIATELY...

And makes sure you're 100% satisfied, if there is any question my team can't handle... I will PERSONALLY respond to you with an answer.

Now, as a doctor, I normally charge hourly for personal service visits... But with the FUNGUS DESTROYER ULTRA PACKAGE, you'll gain unlimited access to my team 24/7 for FREE.

$119/hour now included FREE

But wait, there is even more included in this fantastic package!

With the Fungus Destroyer Ultra Package, you will also receive the following exclusive "fast action" bonus package:

Bonus #1

Miracle Pain Killer

Is your nail fungus making you feel so much pain and anguish that you can't sleep at night? The pain killing protocol in this special bonus uses a combination of herbs and foods that will numb the pain receptors in your body, easing your ache... and finally allowing you to get the restful, peaceful sleep you are looking for at night.

The product is a digital eBook, image is for visualization only.

Miracle Pain Killer (retail value: $27)

Bonus #2

The Fungus Cure Test

Ok, so your nail or skin fungus is gone now...but how do you know if you are completely cured? This quick and simple test tells you exactly that... so that you can finally have the peace of mind certainty that you have completely recovered internally as well.

The product is a digital eBook, image is for visualization only.

The Fungus Cure Test (retail value: $27)

Bonus #3

1 Day Detox

This can be used by anyone, even if they don't suffer from fungal infection. It's so powerful, that it is recommended to use this detox only once a month...alongside with the Fungus Destroyer Protocol if you want to. The special part of this detox is that it has 2 phases: First one is to flush out the toxins like what most detoxes do, except this one really flushes out wipes out ALL heavy metals and other deadly toxins. The second phase provides the body with essential nutrients, healing your skin, hair, eyes and internal organs. And you can do this protocol for under $15, all in an hour or less.

The product is a digital eBook, image is for visualization only.

1 Day Detox (retail value: $37)

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So did 96% of our cured patients who wanted to see the explanatory fungus removal video tutorials and enjoyed listening to the audiobook. Moreover, many of them have personally sent me letters and emails thanking me and Dr. Jiang for the motivating emails they received on how to use the fungus protocol or to treat other painful affections they had. Not to mention the VIP "Bedside" Customer service, available 24/7 for free, which answered all their burning questions and helped each and every one cure their pesky nail fungus problems.

Calvin Leonard of Provo, Utah, writes:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

I absolutely loved the video tutorials that came with the Fungus Destroyer Ultra Package. It was exactly like you said: I was watching the video, but I could “sense” Dr. Jiang being in the room with me, explaining exactly what I had to do. Absolutely brilliant! My pedicurist cannot believe that  just a week ago I had nail fungus!

Also, I wanted to thank you for the type II Diabetes tips that you’ve sent me with the coaching emails. I could not believe that so important information on how to cure it was not available in the mainstream media...Thanks Doc!

Calvin Leonard

Nelly Branch of Sumter, South Carolina, writes:

“I’m excited to tell you first hand that since yesterday I’m finally fungus free! After trying everything else without any result, your protocol changed my life! The videos that came with the Ultra Package, showing me how to prepare my nail fungus cure at home were a blast! That’s the way things should be done!

PS: I was truly impressed when, as I drank my coffee and checked my emails on a Sunday morning, I saw your quick reply to a problem message I’ve sent you late-night on Friday. That moment I realized that you truly care about your patients, Dr. Grant!

I really felt treated like a V.I.P. and fried! God Bless you!

Nelly Branch

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

You may be saying, ok this sounds amazing and I'm interested! How do I get started?

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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
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You have absolutely nothing to risk. Because you are also covered by our 60 Days "100% Cured Or Money Back" Guarantee.

Go through the program... see with your own eyes how your fungal infection starts to disappear... how your itchiness and pain gone begin to fade within a few couple of hours... and how you finally regain your normal life again within days... Just like 41,000 of our satisfied customers who have gone through the program had experienced did.

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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
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  • Fungus Destroyer Videos
  • Fungus Destroyer Audiobook
  • E-mail Coaching
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Let me ask you a question. Years from now, when you are looking back on your life, how are you going to feel if you could have eliminated your fungal infection quickly and easily in just a few days?

Not to get depressing here but most people just don't do anything until it is too late.

Most people don't even want to take consider taking any action to help themselves, until they end up in a hospital bed. The really sad part is not about the fungal infection, but also now you know that a nail or skin fungus is in fact...symptom of a deeper problem.

And fungal infection is not the saddest part. As I told you, the fungus is in fact a symptom of a much deeper problem. If left untreated, it could develop into something serious... like blood poisoning or organ failure.

When that happens, most people start to regret... about the lame excuses they gave to themselves for not treating it earlier... but that will be too late.

Don't be one of them. Take control of your health today and click below to place your order.



  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
  • Fast Action Package
  • Fungus Destroyer Videos
  • Fungus Destroyer Audiobook
  • E-mail Coaching
  • VIP Customer Service

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See, here's the weird thing. When I tell people that you can cure your fungal infection... whether it's nails, skin or even internal... in just a few short days and only for less than a visit to a specialist... well, to most people it just sounds unbelievable, like there's something "fishy" going on.

It just sounds too cheap, especially if you have been struggling to cure it with your doctor's prescriptions or going for laser or surgery.

Our mission is to spread the Fungus Destroyer Protocol to as many people as humanly possible... and the big dream is for fungal infection to be something like a rare disease, which can be easily cured.

But if people find it hard to believe that you can get such incredible results for less than the cost of a visit to the specialist, or a meal with your family at a restaurant... then we'll have to raise the price.

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Listen, when you think about it, you really just got three choices ahead of you right now.

Option one. Stop watching this video this presentation and leave this page. Do nothing. Keep going the way you are now. Keep being frustrated that nothing works, and you have to live with the fungal infection for the following months...maybe even years or decades. It's not going to be pleasant.

Option two. Go to your doctor or specialist... and try the conventional treatments. But please, please don't take medications, because they'll really destroy you from the inside. Try the topical creams, or even $500/session laser or surgery. You'll find that while it may work in the short run, when you stop doing them, the fungus will come back... because the root cause was not dealt with.

Option three. Risk nothing at all today and grab the Fungus Destroyer Protocol right now. Simply follow the steps in the program, and you'll discover how easy it is to cure your fungal infection in just a few days from this moment.

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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
  • Fast Action Package
  • Fungus Destroyer Videos
  • Fungus Destroyer Audiobook
  • E-mail Coaching
  • VIP Customer Service

Total: $79

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Still here?

Let me answer some of the most common questions you might have about the Fungus Destroyer Protocol.

Question 1: How does the Fungus Destroyer Protocol work? Can you explain it again?

The fungus that is growing on your nails and skin are merely a symptom of what's happening inside your body. This is was proven in numerous studies, using a dark field microscope to see what is going on in the blood of folks who suffer from fungus infections.

And what is happening in the body? There is a systemic or whole body inflammation and infection happening. For example, if your large toes have fungus, this is related to liver and spleen congestion. The program will get more in depth on this.

To clear a fungus, you have to first clear out the waste from the main organs and systems so that there is no extra fungal or bacterial activity.

All fungi/parasites MUST be destroyed INTERNALLY first, then on the outside.

There are 3 steps in the protocol:

First step is to eliminate any internal fungal activity using natural antifungals... without any side effects, like Lamisil.

The second step would be to heal the body with essential nutrients, and also supercharge the immune system so pathogens have difficulty surviving in your blood.

The third step would be to heal the body on the surface level. That is where you can accelerate regrowth of your skin or toenail.

Question 2: Why haven't I heard of this cure before?

Well, as I explained during the presentation, the antifungal industry is a $13 billion a year industry business. Patients spend $1,800 a year on antifungal medications.

But what they're unaware of is that they literally spend millions and millions of dollars each year to ensure that academic medicine focuses only on the drugs that make them money, and not on the drugs that will actually help you get truly better.

Question 3: Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone suffering from a fungal infection, be it a nail, skin or even internal like Candida. This program is also diabetic friendly. In fact, many folks wrote to us saying that this program actually helped them recover from their type II diabetes. It is not surprising, since a large part of the program focuses on restoring the damaged organs in the body.

Question 4: What's the difference between the Ultra Fungus Destroyer Package and the Basic Package?

Well, the Basic Package is for those who have nail fungus problems and feel more practical with such protocols and just like to read the book or have already talked to me or Dr. Jiang and just want to go directly into the process.

The Ultra Fungus Destroyer Package is the culmination of my professional lifework and my legacy to you. It contains besides the basic Fungus Remover Protocol and the fast action bonus, numerous other benefits, such as short & easy fungus removal videos (it's like having me by your side telling you what and how to do to cure your fungus), the Fungus Destroyer Audiobook (perfect to listen whenever you feel like), e-mail coaching (get all the help and motivation you need plus important updates, latest fungus treatments and breakthrough cures for diseases such as Type II Diabetes), VIP "Bedside" Customer Service Status (my expert medical team will answer any questions you might have IMMEDIATELY...)

If you act now, you'll get all this for the exclusive limited price of$487 $79. More than 42,000 men and women with fungus now fungus free are ready to vouch for this incredible bundle package which cured all their problems faster than they could have possibly believed!

Question 5: What happens once I click on one of the buttons below?

Once you click on one of the buttons, you'll go to our 100% secure checkout page. You just enter your payment information, and place the order.

Then, you'll be taken to our private Member's Area, where you'll have full access to the program.

It's that easy, and all the materials can be viewed from your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. They can also be downloaded and saved, or you can print them out so you have extra copies.

Question 6: How long does it really take to get results?

Well, it depends on the individual, but the average time to get your fungal infection cured is many times way faster than everything else that’s on the market . Some severe ones may take a few weeks, while others may just take only a few days.

Question 7: What is are the terms of that guarantee that you've mentioned?

Because I want you to feel completely confident in your investment today, I'm providing you with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Simply choose your package below, and try the program out yourself in the next 60 days.



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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
  • Fast Action Package
  • Fungus Destroyer Videos
  • Fungus Destroyer Audiobook
  • E-mail Coaching
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If you don't get the results I promised within a week... or you're unsatisfied for any reason... simply send an email to us in the Members' Area, and I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

It should be clear that if I thought this wasn't going to work, there's no way I would make such an offer. But I do know this will work... a total of more than 41,000 people have already proven it.

Question 8: How long will this program be available to the public?

Well, I'm not really sure, but history has shown us that Big Pharma are not afraid to spend millions of dollars in legal fees to get something that threatens their very existence.

If you think about it, that makes sense... wouldn't you spend $1 million in lawyer costs to protect a $13 billion per year you make?

In other words, if you are truly serious about curing your fungal infection in the following days, you need to take action immediately.

Question 9: How do I get the Fungus Destroyer Protocol?

This one is easy: Simply click the button below, and try out the entire program for yourself, for 60 days, with absolutely no risk. If you are unhappy for any reason, you'll be given a prompt refund, no questions asked...

But that being said, I am supremely confident you won't be asking for a refund because this program has been clinically proven to be effective for anyone suffering from a fungal infection... even if they had it for 20, or 30 years.

So click below. Fill in your payment details and submit your order. I can't wait to hear about your results!



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  • Fungus Destroyer Protocol
  • Fast Action Package
  • Fungus Destroyer Videos
  • Fungus Destroyer Audiobook
  • E-mail Coaching
  • VIP Customer Service

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